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Women have demonstrated great resilience, empathy, and leadership in both life and work. They should be equal and active players regarding efforts that promote sustainable environment, economy and society.

In Ping An, we truly value the importance of women in the workplace:

  • 30% of our executive management are female.
  • 25% of our senior management are female.
  • 48.41% of our employees are female.

*For the global ratios of women in financial services, please click here.

On International Women’s Day 2022, we wish to express our gratitude to our female colleagues’ contributions and to discuss the topic “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” with the United Nations.

We have explored some outstanding female employees' sustainability stories from our subsidiaries. Let us celebrate their ESG journey together!

Yolanda Yang – Ping An Bank

Green loans supporter

"With global warming, we have encountered more severe outcomes due to extreme weather conditions, such as ice melting and rising sea levels. Our homeland Earth is  more vulnerable than ever. I believe everyone has a role to play in preventing global warming."

Yolanda went to college in Switzerland and finished her Master of Business Administration program in Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Her extensive international education and life experience helped her realize the importance of sustainability early and she built a solid knowledge bank of the corporate management framework.

Yolanda joined Ping An Bank in 2015 in green finance development. Now she is Deputy Business Director of Chongqing Branch, Ping An Bank. "The low-carbon industries are still in the early stages in China. They need a lot of support, not only from the government, but also from the financial industries. As a financial practitioner, I help them through issuing green credits." Yolanda helped Ping An Bank to issue RMB 5 billion green credits and led Ping An Bank's first carbon-neutral bond issue.

Ping An Bank is also piloting a monitoring platform for carbon emissions based on the Internet of Things to track carbon footprints. Read more here.

Ying Gao – Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance

Sustainable insurance product innovator

“Environment, society, economy, and culture are four vital elements of sustainable development. We must consolidate and integrate them to achieve sustainable development in the long term. I will continue to support sustainable development, whether at work or in my personal life."

Ying comes from a law and literature background. She works hard, and she loves trekking and tennis in her leisure time.

Ying joined Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance immediately after graduation. She loves to explore bold and innovative ideas. Now she specializes in sustainable insurance product innovation. She participated in the product design and implementation of Shenzhen's compulsory environmental pollution liability insurance in 2021, which expanded the scope for enterprises in Shenzhen, improving their risk awareness, risk management, and environment treatment capabilities.

Click here to learn more about Ping An’s sustainable insurance strategy.

Xinhui Liu – Ping An Smart Healthcare

Quality healthcare guardian  

“COVID-19 has shown us that humans are inseparable from nature. Transitioning to a sustainable society and economy is therefore necessary, and beneficial to human health. I hope to help improve efficiency in smart healthcare diagnosis through artificial intelligence, especially in rural areas where healthcare resources are scarce.

Xinhui received her master's degree in computer science and technology from Harbin Institute of Technology. Deeply influenced by the school, which values strict standards and solid skills, Xinhui is highly disciplined and committed at work and in her personal life. She loves to explore nature with her twin girls during the weekends.

Xinhui joined Ping An Smart Healthcare in 2017. The outbreak of COVID-19 created tremendous pressure for the healthcare system and medical staff. Xinhui participated in the artificial intelligence (AI)-model algorithm design for the smart image-reading system, which can effectively execute computed tomography (CT) image-reading in just 15 seconds, with an accuracy rate above 90%. The system's implementation helped radiologists conduct more efficient analyses and diagnoses during the pandemic.

Click here to read more information about the smart image-reading system.

Chex Yu – Ping An Technology 

AI-ESG platform curator

"Sustainable development is no longer optional for individuals or companies – it is a must. I hope to support ESG and green finance development through innovative products built on deep understanding of market need and big data analytics."

Chex went to Singapore to study when she was 14, sponsored by a full government scholarship. She then went to the US to pursue her graduate and postgraduate study. Chex has a passion for sustainability, financial inclusion, data analytics, big data, and product development. Before joining Ping An, she worked in several world-renowned organizations and financial institutions, such as the World Health Organization, the United Nations, the World Bank and J.P. Morgan.

Institutional investors and authorities are demanding more information on companies' environmental, social and governance (ESG) activities to make informed decisions and monitor the company's activities. Chex is leading the development of the AI-ESG integrated management platform, including the ESG management platform and the ESG investment platform, to facilitate corporate ESG management and help investors integrate ESG into their decision-making process.

Click here to learn more about the AI-ESG integrated platform

Melody Peng – China Ping An Insurance Overseas (Holdings) Limited

Green finance advocate

“Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive, and even spiritual contentment. Nature is fundamental for human development. I am honored to participate in more ESG initiatives and look forward to rallying all forces for sustainable development. Let us work together to build a zero-carbon future.”

Melody graduated from Peking University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has worked for several media organizations and publications. She is also the author and co-author for six publications. Melody loves literature, music, and food. She lives in Hong Kong with her husband and two sons, who are studying in primary school.  

Melody joined China Ping An Insurance Overseas (Holdings) Limited in 2018. She is supervising the marketing and branding promotion across PAOH and the subsidiary Ping An of China Asset Management (Hong Kong). She also works in the green finance office, coordinating and promoting ESG-related work. PAMMC HK, the overseas asset management arm of Ping An, is the first Chinese asset manager and the first institutional investor from Asia to become a Climate Bonds Partner.

For more information about China’s green investment opportunities, please click here.

Jenny Chou – Ping An Real Estate

Green operation practitioner

“Green buildings are the fabric of sustainable communities and cities. They help to fight climate change by reducing carbon emissions. When managing the Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center, we want to find the most energy-efficient, carbon-reducing and environmentally friendly approach.”

Jenny joined an international real estate consulting firm in Taiwan after graduation. She worked in multinational companies for 13 years, gaining immersive international working experience and extensive knowledge of sustainability in the industry. In 2016, Jenny moved to Shenzhen, where she lives with her family.

Jenny is Deputy Director of Leasing in Ping An Real Estate, responsible for daily management and leasing office buildings. Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center is one of the first super high-rise buildings in China to earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building certification. By adopting green technologies, such as a “free refrigeration” system, heat recovery system, high-performance facade design and energy regeneration elevators, it can reduce energy consumption by as much as 46%.

Click here to learn more about green operation.

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