Insurance Business

Ping An’s insurance businesses offer life, health, pension, and property and casualty insurance services.

Life and Health Insurance

Ping An conducts its life and health insurance business through Ping An Life, Ping An Annuity and Ping An Health Insurance.

The Chinese life insurance market has bright prospects in the long run with growing demand for comprehensive health and senior care services as household income and wealth grow.

Ping An is implementing cutting-edge technology to refine team management and support our various sales channels for growth in per-agent productivity and revenue. In products, Ping An has begun rolling out upgraded "insurance + healthcare management" and "insurance + senior care" services.

Insurance + Healthcare Management

Healthcare management covers customers' every life stage, with family doctor services, health assessments, reward programs, and an array of health plans. Ping An aims to retain customer loyalty with high quality, premium products and services.

Insurance + Senior Care

Senior care includes home-based care and high-end elderly center care, combining financial protection with healthcare and tailored concierge services to meet the daily needs of senior living. Ping An's vision is to provide a happy, healthy and fulfilling life for the elderly.

Property and Casualty Insurance

Ping An Property & Casualty covers all lawful property and casualty insurance businesses, including auto, corporate property and casualty, engineering, cargo, liability, guarantee, credit, home contents, accident and health, and international reinsurance.

Ping An P&C uses new technologies to promote online customer development and enhance service. The Ping An Auto Owner app had over 150 million registered users as of December 31, 2021, including more than 37 million active users each month. More than 95 million vehicles have been linked with the app.

Digital Transformation in the Insurance Flow

The Ping An Auto Owner app’s AI image recognition can accurately match each insurance claim with databases covering vehicles, auto parts, repair facilities and costs for services. In a matter of seconds, insurance companies can determine the appropriate damages to be paid out, reducing costs related to claims process inefficiencies and risk of insurance fraud. The solution integrates third-party services, including towing, parts providers and claims adjusters.

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