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Ping An strives to become a world-leading provider of integrated financial, health, and senior care services, serving 232 million customers in China.

As one of the three largest integrated financial groups in China, Ping An offers a diverse range of services and products, including insurance, banking, investments, fintech, health and senior care. The Group operates through its subsidiaries, including Ping An Life, Ping An Property & Casualty, Ping An Annuity, Ping An Health Insurance, Ping An Bank, Ping An Trust, Ping An Securities, Ping An Health, and more.

Ping An is enhancing its “integrated finance + health and senior care” business model through technology, providing professional services encompassing financial advisory, family doctor and senior care concierge services.

Integrated Financial, Health and
Senior Care Services Provider

  • Integrated Finance

    Financial adviser
    One customer, multiple products,
    and one-stop services

  • Health and Senior care

    Family doctors and senior care concierges
    Industry standards, central
    procurement, and service supervision

Technological Empowerment

Empowering financial services with technologies, empowering financial services
with ecosystems, and advancing development with technologies

Ping An Group
Integrated Finance

Ping An's integrated finance strategy is focused on a customer-centric approach, aiming to deepen engagement with retail customers. Leveraging its ecosystems, Ping An has built a business model centered around "one customer, multiple products, and one-stop services". This model enables Ping An to achieve higher operational efficiency through lower costs of customer acquisition, management, and services, as well as higher customer retention rates. In 2023, 25.3% of our 232 million retail customers held four or more contracts within the Group, with a retention rate of 97.7%.

Ping An Group

Ping An develops technologies to improve efficiency, enhance risk management, and control the operating costs of its financial businesses and ecosystems. From 2021 to 2023, Ping An ranked first globally in the number of fintech and digital healthcare patent applications, with a total of 51,533, surpassing most international financial institutions. Through robust data-driven operations, Ping An anticipates trends, makes timely decisions, and takes actions proactively.

Ping An Group
Health and Senior Care

Health and senior care are the new drivers of Ping An’s value growth. Ping An has been developing its health and senior care ecosystems for over 10 years, covering multiple business lines, including insurance, healthcare, investments, and technology. Ping An launched its innovative Chinese “managed care model” by seamlessly integrating online-offline healthcare, elderlycare and financial services. With our unique “Product + Service” offerings, nearly 64% of Ping An’s 232 million retail customers also used services for health and senior care. On average, they held approximately 3.37 contracts and had RMB55,900 in assets under management (AUM) per capita, 1.6 times and 3.5 times the amounts held by non-users of these services, respectively.

Ping An Group

Sustainable development is one of Ping An's development strategies and the basis for maximizing the Company’s long-term value. In pursuit of long-term, balanced and high-quality sustainable development, Ping An is focused on improving its practice in areas related to environmental, social and corporate governance. The Group has set five-year goals for core sustainability-related issues and drives sustainability-related actions and management.

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Ping An Group

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Ping An Group

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Ping An Group

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Ping An Group

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