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Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. (Ping An) is a world-leading retail financial services group. Integrated finance and healthcare are our core businesses.

As one of the three largest integrated financial groups in China, Ping An offers all-round services, including insurance, banking, investments, fintech and healthcare. The Group engages in integrated finance and healthcare business through our subsidiaries, including Ping An Life, Ping An Property & Casualty, Ping An Annuity, Ping An Health Insurance, Ping An Bank, Ping An Trust, Ping An Securities, Ping An Fund Management and Ping An Health.

Ping An is investing to strengthen our fintech and health capabilities and support our ecosystems in financial services, healthcare, auto services and smart city services.


Expertise Makes Life Easier

Retail Financial Services Group

Ping An Group
Integrated Finance

Ping An’s pan financial assets strategy is focused on enhancing the quality and efficiency of integrated financial services through our financial business model of “one customer, multiple products and one-stop services”.

Ping An Group
Finance + Technology

Ping An employs technologies to improve efficiency, enhance risk management and cut operating costs of our financial businesses.

In recent years, Ping An has surpassed most international financial institutions in the number of technology patent applications. Ping An has also won multiple awards in a number of technology sectors, including artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. Through robust data-driven operations, Ping An anticipates trends, makes timely decisions, and takes action ahead of others.

Ping An Group

Ping An’s pan health care strategy focuses on working with the range of market participants, from the service providers – including medical and health management institutions, pharmaceutical and medical device companies and primary care providers – to the payers – including social health insurance, private insurance and individuals. As China’s health insurance industry matures, Ping An will play a leading role in developing and offering private health insurance products and services to alleviate the burden on social health insurance and individuals.

Ping An Group
Finance + Ecosystem

Ping An shares leading innovative products and services with others to develop and empower business ecosystems with advanced technologies.

Ping An’s healthcare ecosystem allows customers to access heartwarming and innovative service of “finance + medical services”, “finance + healthcare” and “finance + elderlycare.”

As of the third quarter of 2021, Ping An’s overall medical business served more than 43,000 medical institutions in 187 cities and benefited approximately 1.12 million doctors and 3.22 million chronic disease patients.

Green Finance and Sustainable Development Strategy

In response to China’s carbon neutrality goals, Ping An utilizes green insurance, green investment and green loans to actively support the low-carbon and green development of the real economy. In April 2021, Ping An Group issued “Five-Year Plan for Green Finance Development”, which formulated the green finance action plan and put forward the requirements for each business line.

  • Ping An set targets of no less than 20% for the annual growth rate of its green investments, no less than 70% for green insurance premiums, and no less than 20% for green loan balance.
  • Ping An set targets of no less than 20% for the annual growth rate of its green investments, no less than 70% for green insurance premiums, and no less than 20% for green loan balance.

Ping An Strategy Video Series

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Ping An Group

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Ping An Group

Episode 3: Healthcare Technology

Ping An Group

Episode 4: Integrated Finance Business and Profit Model

Ping An Group

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