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Biodiversity refers to the ecological complex formed by the genetic variation of all species and the ecosystem they live in.

It has three different levels:

  • Ecosystem Diversity
  • Species Diversity
  • Genetic Diversity

Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve is the world’s species gene bank and the intersection of three global biodiversity hotspots in Nujiang – Gaoligong Mountain, located in the west Yunnan province.

It has a complex topography, compressed climate zones and isolation that created the conditions for a wide spectrum of lifeforms - including nearly 3,000 different species of animals and 7,000 different species of plants.

Watch the videos to explore more about the biodiversity in Nujiang

  • Ecosystem diversity: The four layers of the forest ecosystem
  • Wildlife species diversity: Myanmar snub-nosed monkey, Gaoligong Takin and birds 

Myanmar snub-nosed monkey

Gaoligong Takin


China is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Ping An has built the Sound of Ping An Exhibition Center in Nujiang Baihualing Lili Music Town to protect and respect it, partnering with Nujiang People’s Government.

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