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Nujiang - Gaoligong Mountain, located in the west Yunnan province, is famous for its rich ethnic culture and rare wildlife. It is listed as a UNESCO biodiversity protection circle.

On 27 October 2021, the Nujiang - Gaoligong Mountain, the Sound of Ping An Exhibition Center, opened its doors with an audiovisual exhibition on biodiversity in Nujiang Baihualing Lisu Music Town. The center is now open to the public.

By increasing the public’s appreciation of biodiversity and supporting the local rural community's economic growth, Ping An is supporting environmental protection and sustainable development.

Ping An partnered with the well-known Chinese explorer Jin Feibao to produce two documentaries to capture the sounds of local biodiversity, showcasing the people, culture and nature.

Video 1 - Nature 

Video 2 - People and cultural 

Species richness

Sound of biodiversity

Whistling of Birds

Spectacular river flows of Nujiang

The Whispering Wind

Night Sounds in the Mountains

*Image provided by the communication department of Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture

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