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Human-Machine Competition: Ping An’s AskBob Doctor’s AI Matches Doctors’ Capabilities in Cardiovascular Disease Management
Ping An’s AI-driven AskBob Doctor Earns Top Scores in Diabetes Management Competition
AskBob, China’s AI doctor that is increasingly here to help
AskBob: Doctors’ AI Assistant set to enhance patient care in China
Meet AskBob, China’s Friendly Neighborhood AI Medical Assistant
Ping An launches artificial intelligence assisted clinical decision support system for gastroesophageal cancers
Ping An's Natural Language Processing Technology Ranked #1 in International Competition
Ping An’s AskBob Doctor Top-ranked in Global Artificial Intelligence Competition, Supporting Research, Diagnoses and Treatment Decisions
Fast, Efficient Municipal Services: Ping An Smart City Launched Blockchain Electronic Identity Authentication
Ping An Supports COVID-19 Control Efforts in Philippines. Extends Healthcare Footprint with AI-driven Diagnosis and Treatment System

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