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China's rapid economic growth has been accompanied by notable development in its education system. However, amidst this progress, a significant challenge persists: the gap in equitable access to quality education between rural and urban areas.

Many rural schools are highly remote and face numerous challenges – such as limited access to quality infrastructure, a shortage of qualified teachers, and inadequate educational resources, especially smart and technology facilities. These challenges create disparities between rural and urban areas, perpetuating educational inequality and limiting the potential for social and economic development in rural communities.

In China, higher education is expanding at a rate unprecedented anywhere in the world. The market for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs in China has grown rapidly in the past three years to RMB3.9 billion. However, rocketing tuition and fees now exceed a rural family's annual income many times.

Ping An has been working on educational public welfare initiatives for over 30 years, aiming to provide quality education to rural students. We have built schools, provided tutoring, and offered teacher coaching programs.

This summer, Ping An Hope School launched a science summer camp in Beijing. By leveraging the STEM model, the camp provided situational and project-based education, enhancing children's independent exploration abilities.

Meiduo Zhuoga a rural student from Na Qu, Tibet, was invited to the summer camp in Beijing. Watch the video to learn about her journey from the mountains to the world as she embarks on her first quest.

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By addressing the challenges faced by rural schools and empowering rural students through quality education initiatives, we can bridge the educational divide and unlock the potential of rural communities.

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