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Ecosystem for a healthy China
Bridges to health for China’s people
Ping An and Zhongshan Hospital to Collaborate on "Healthcare + Finance + Technology" Innovations
How China aims to avoid the curse of increased longevity and ill health
Ping An Group: Pioneers in China’s Elderly Care and Financial Services
An ecosystem to overhaul China’s health care
Empowering China’s health providers
Ping An Unveils Health Care Ecosystem Strategy - A Growth Engine for the Group Empowered by World-leading Healthtech
China’s healthcare market is expected to grow from RMB6 trillion in 2019 to RMB16 trillion in 2030 Ping An Leading Digital Revolution in Healthcare. Pandemic accelerating shift to online/offline service delivery
Ping An-Shionogi Joint Venture Launched in Shanghai, Expanding Footprint in Healthcare Industry

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