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25 Jan 2022

Ping An Promotes Conservation of South China Tiger to Promote and Sustain Biodiversity

(Hong Kong, Shanghai, January 25, 2022) Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. (hereafter “Ping An” or the “Group, HKEX: 02318; SSE: 601318) announced that Ping An Public Welfare Foundation and Shenzhen Project Care Foundation have jointly launched a one-year welfare campaign to promote conservation of the South China Tiger. The Group, together with Ping An Bank, Ping An Life Insurance, Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance, Ping An Puhui and other subsidiaries, will be involved in the project, demonstrating its determination to practice sustainable development and help protect the South China Tiger.

The campaign will be conducted with the support of the Management Office of the North Guangdong South China Tiger Provincial Nature Reserve.

Being a native species to China, the South China Tiger is one of the top 10 most critically endangered species in the world with only 250 such tigers left in captivity in China. Almost no trace of the tigers can be found in the wild. The protection of the South China Tiger is of great importance and breeding of the species in captivity is a necessity to help conserve the species.

The South China Tiger conservation campaign is being launched with social and corporate donations, with Ping An initially donating RMB 1.5 million. The funds raised will be used in four ways: 1) improve the living conditions of tiger cubs by enhancing food nutrition and helping expand, rebuild and upgrade existing infrastructure, 2) carry out research into tiger breeding with a view to expanding the tiger population in the area, 3) transform the drinking water project for the South China Tiger by improving water facilities and ensuring water sanitation, and 4) helping popularize science programs associated with the South China Tiger. The project will aim to upgrade educational facilities in the South China Tiger Provincial Nature Reserve and help create a superior research and study platform, thereby boosting the popularity of South China Tiger conservation.

In addition to fundraising, volunteers from Ping An Group and subsidiaries will engage in a variety of voluntary activities in the South China Tiger Provincial Nature Reserve. They will launch the South China Tiger conservation initiative through international platforms raising global awareness of the importance of protecting tigers and protecting them with multiple measures.

Ping An has actively participated in a number of corporate social responsibility activities to enhance biodiversity conservation. In 2021, Ping An established China’s first “carbon neutral” charitable trust supporting biodiversity conservation. The first phase of the trust’s work has been completed involving conservation projects focusing on giant pandas, Northeast tigers and Amur leopards. Ping An has also launched The Nujiang – Gaoligong Mountain, The Sound of Ping An Exhibition Center in the Nujiang Baihualing Lisu Music Town in Yunnan Province. Last year, the Ping An Public Welfare platform secured a license for online fundraising. With over 225 million retail customers and nearly 634 million internet users, Ping An aims to leverage its crowdfunding platform to generate awareness of public welfare, unleashing the potential of financial philanthropies.

To watch the video of the South China Tiger: Click here

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