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Ping An Sets World Record In General Language Understanding Evaluation (GLUE) Benchmark
Ping An's Natural Language Processing Technology Ranked #1 in International Competition
Big Gaps Found in Climate Risk Disclosures in China
FactSet and Ping An to Offer Investors ESG Content and Analytics on Chinese Companies
Ping An’s AskBob Doctor Top-ranked in Global Artificial Intelligence Competition, Supporting Research, Diagnoses and Treatment Decisions
Ping An Uses Artificial Intelligence to Detect Greenwashing and Assess Impact of Climate Risk Disclosure Transparency on Financial Performance
Ping An Research: ESG Investing Showing Dramatic Growth in China in 2020, Outperforming Market Average
Ping An GammaLab Wins Global AI Machine Reading Comprehension Competition
Measuring Businesses ESG Performance a Growing Challenge Standard Measures and Data Needed
Ping An Uses Artificial Intelligence to Drive New ESG Investment Strategies. Access to data from alternative sources can uncover hidden risks and opportunities

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