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The landscape of healthcare in Asia has seen a dramatic shift from the pre-COVID world.

The pandemic has changed how we sell insurance policies in China.

At the Financial Times Asia Insurance Summit, Jonathan Larsen, Chief Innovation Officer of Ping An Group and Chairman and CEO of Ping An Global Voyager Fund, shared the new realities of health insurance.

Watch these videos to find out more.

Video 1: How has the pandemic changed the way of Ping An's insurance business works?

Ping An Group Ping An Group

Video 2: What are the details of Ping An Good Doctor's initiative, and how has it evolved over the past two years?

Ping An Group Ping An Group

Video 3: How has pandemic changed the way governments and authorities' view the process of regulating healthcare in Asia?

Ping An Group Ping An Group

Video 4: What are the challenges for businesses trying to navigate the future of health insurance in Asia?

Ping An Group Ping An Group

All footage provided by Financial Times Live at the Asia Insurance Summit

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