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China has made progressive reforms to its medical service system in recent years, introducing independent medical services to provide convenient quality care to complement public healthcare facilities.

Ping An Group plans to spend RMB30 billion over the next five years to build 1,000 healthcare diagnostics centers across the country.

In collaboration with other medical service organizations, these centers serve as technology-driven platforms to share information on medical treatments and resources across the country to improve the efficiency and quality of care.

Ping An’s healthcare diagnostics center initiative is a prime example of an enterprise bringing innovation to independent medical care in China. With significant investment in technological research and development, these centers support the establishment of a tiered diagnostic and medical service structure in China to efficiently manage the growing demand for different healthcare needs.

Currently, there are more than 320 Ping An healthcare diagnostics centers nationwide, including flagship centers and medical screening laboratories in Nanchang, Wuhan, Xiangyang, Guangzhou and Hefei. More centers will be established in cities including Chongqing, Shenyang, Beijing and Shanghai.

A “three-in-one” innovative medical service model

These centers represent a first-of-its-kind “three-in-one” medical service model in China. They offer independent medical imaging, laboratory testing and medical check-up services in collaboration with different tiers of hospitals and other independent medical institutions in the healthcare ecosystem.

Diagnostic imaging

The centers have teams of experts and professionals in medical imaging from the country’s largest hospitals. They also invested significantly in the world’s most advanced medical equipment.

Working in close collaboration with Ping An Technology, Ping An Healthcare Diagnostics Centers created a joint artificial intelligence (AI) laboratory that helps the centers drastically reduce the rates of misdiagnoses and controlling medical expenses. Leveraging AI technologies, the centers have been successful in smart disease prediction, eye screening and image-based diagnostics.

Laboratory testing

Through strategic cooperation with world-leading medical laboratory service providers, Ping An has introduced international standard operations procedures and management practices in the centers to provide customers with comprehensive, high quality and low cost medical laboratory and pathological diagnosis services.

Medical check-ups

Ping An Healthcare Diagnostics Centers are working towards establishing the gold standard of clinical-grade medical imaging and screening in China. The centers use big data to conduct smart analyses and provide comprehensive health check-up services.

This superior service quality is exemplified by the flagship centers, such as Hefei Ping An Healthcare Diagnostics Center. The center has the world’s most advanced medical equipment and a top tier physician team to deliver high quality and comprehensive medical services for the general public.

Thanks to Ping An Group’s extensive healthcare resource network, the center has a team of well-known experts from across the country to provide online and offline medical imaging services.

Alleviating poverty

Our mobile diagnostic center in Longsheng County, Guangxi Province.

The vehicle equipped with health screening and diagnostic devices, along with medical professionals, go to far corners of rural China as part of the Ping An Rural Communities Support initiative.

As part of the Group’s Rural Communities Support initiative, since 2018, Ping An Healthcare Diagnostics Centers have been providing free medical check-up and diagnostics services to remote and poor areas in China through its “mobile healthcare diagnostics and visiting doctors” program.

So far, the program has provided more than 300 free consultations across 195 remote villages in the mountains for more than 55,000 people. Diagnostics and treatment services are also available online.

Ping An Healthcare Diagnostics Centers are also committed to providing health education to remote villages to help break the cycle of poverty and poor health.

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