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As COVID-19 cases rise in China, free anti-pandemic online consultations offered by Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited ("Ping An Good Doctor", 1833.HK) exceeded 3 million in one day, as demand for online medical consultation services continue to surge.

Since December 2, 2022, Ping An Health has been offering online anti-pandemic consultations, with a free COVID-19 consultation service upgrade for Ping An customers. The service is now available on 15 local government platforms across China. As of December 24, 2022, the cumulative free online anti-pandemic consultations of Ping An's exceeded 15 million, with the peak of more than 3 million single-day consultations. The response time of all consultation services are controlled at about 30 seconds, supported by Ping An’s healthcare ecosystem and abundant medical resources, its robust artificial intelligence (AI) and the operational platform.

Since mid- December 2022, Ping An Health has assisted 15 local governments in China to build anti-pandemic consultation platforms. With mobile websites, mini programs, and other external portals to log in, the platforms are available in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Chaozhou, Zhuhai, Chengdu, Qingdao, Nanning and other cities, with mobile channels for hundreds of millions of citizens to access anti-pandemic and daily protection information. This can effectively alleviate pressure on health systems at all levels of government.

On December 19, 2022, Ping An Health and Xinhua News Agency jointly launched Free Online Anti-pandemic Consultation for Xinhua customers, providing online, around-the-clock free COVID-19 and other medical consultations.

Ping An Health’s anti-pandemic consultation platform provides a weekly live broadcast science program by COVID-19 experts, which highlights protection and self-treatment methods for special groups including children, pregnant women and the elderly with chronic conditions. The platform also addresses major health concerns among the public, such as Chinese medicine treatments, lung diseases, and anti-pandemic medical information for specific groups. Mobile users are also entitled to free online consultations. If users require further medical consultation or medicine, they can click through to the Ping An Health App.

As China has adjusted its pandemic control measures, Ping An has assessed changes in the pandemic and public expectations. It rapidly mobilized its healthcare ecosystem, including internal and external healthcare professionals, and integrated online and offline resources. It also integrated online portals of major business channels, which extended the coverage of its extensive services to the public. Since December 2 2022, With Ping An Health as the flagship, Ping An Group has fully upgraded its free COVID-19 consultation service and connected to multiple Group customer service channels, including Ping An Jin Guan Jia, Ping An Pocket Bank, Ping An Auto Owner, Ping An Good Life and health insurance.

Ping An Health and PKU Healthcare constitute a team of nearly 4,000 doctors and 8,000 medical staff, supported by a team of over 49,000 internal and external doctors from 20 clinical departments. Ping An’s free 24x7 COVID-19 consultation services range from anti-pandemic advice and Chinese medicine services to professional consultation on lung diseases and child protection. Ping An’s AskBob Doctor, the AI-driven consultation and treatment assistance tool, is equipped with advanced language processing technology and Ping An five medical knowledge databases, which covers 12,000 types of syndromes, more than 1,000 common health check-ups and 500,000 entries of hospitals, enabling one-stop healthcare consultation services with outstanding accuracy of 95%+. The comprehensive healthcare services, state-of-the-art technologies, and efficient operating system allow the platform to handle tens of millions of diagnosis and consultation services.

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