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The Year 2022 is the Year of the Tiger. Tigers, a symbol of strength, are a critical part of cultures and ecosystems.

Ping An has collaborated with illustrator Han Rui to launch a series of artwork to celebrate the lunar new year.

Discover more about the art collection and lunar new year greetings in different Chinese dialects as follows!

[Sichuan dialect] May the Year of the Tiger bring you and your family peace and happiness.

[Shanghai dialect] May your new year be full of beauty and bounty

[Cantonese] May good fortune be abundant in the year of the tiger

[Northeastern mandarin] May the year of tiger brings you prosperity and happiness

[Southern Min] May the year of tiger brings you success and luck

[Tianjin dialect] Wish you have a good appetite in the year of tiger!

[ESG] May you enjoy nature and appreciate its beauty everyday

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