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21 Aug 2018

Ping An Unveils First Smart City Integrated Platform and Solutions in China to Empower Development with Technology

(Hong Kong, Shanghai, 21 August 2018) Jointly organized by the Center for Reform and Development of Cities and Small Towns, the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government and Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. (hereafter “Ping An” or the “Group”, HKEx: 2318; SSE: 601318), the fourth China Smart City International Expo 2018 (CSCE) opened today at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre.  Adhering to Ping An’s mission of creating an “intelligent, organized and efficient” city lifestyle, the Group unveiled China’s first “1+N” smart city integrated platform and solutions with its four core technologies: smart recognition, artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud computing. Applying Ping An’s world-leading technologies, its “Smart City Cloud” platform is set to empower multiple smart city industries with technologies, including smart government, civil affairs, finance, security, transportation, ports, education, healthcare, real estate, environmental protection, pension, etc.
Dr. Peter Ma, Chairman and CEO of Ping An Group, indicated during his speech at the opening ceremony of CSCE that the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (NCCPC) specified the development direction and requested a higher standard of smart city development. Modern urban development requires new technologies and the means to improve the operational management efficiency of a city, and build a modern community with immense soft power capabilities. Ping An was founded and developed in Shenzhen. Growing out of nothing, to now being a large enterprise, Ping An has invested over RMB50 billion in innovative technology development and has the most number of patent applications among the financial industry in China. Ping An will empower smart city development across China with its accumulated cutting-edge technologies and experiences.

Ping An’s smart city developments adhere to its mission of “serving the country, serving the entities, serving the public” and its core philosophy of “intelligent, organized and efficient”. With the accumulated experiences in pan-financial assets and pan-healthcare sectors over many decades, Ping An has played a major role in the development of smart city technologies and applied its innovation into areas such as finance, healthcare, transportation, real estates and government, in order to serve cities in China in all aspects and incubate “Ping An Smart City”, which focuses on planning, development and operation of a smart city.
Currently, Ping An has established strategic co-operations with Shenzhen municipal government, Tibet Autonomous Region, Chongqing and Nanning, etc., and achieved a positive social impact in various aspects of smart city construction. Ping An’s smart city services have been implemented in over 200 cities across China and the online citizen service platform facilitates over 2,000 services. In the area of smart traffic, Ping An helped Shenzhen Traffic Police implement a traffic control management system in Dapeng Peninsula during the 1 May holiday. The control management system reduced traffic volume in the controlled area by 27.5% year-on-year and traffic accident alerts by 90%. In smart healthcare, the smart disease forecasting platform has achieved a precision rate for predicting influenza in Shenzhen of over 90%. In smart fiscal management, Ping An has saved stated-owned enterprises in Nanning nearly RMB129 million in financing costs.
This year’s CSCE reportedly attracted officials from more than 300 cities, including New York City, Manchester and Tokyo, along with local government representatives and leading companies in the smart city industry. Ping An showcased its “One Library, One Book and One Forum” at the event, and comprehensively and systematically demonstrated its own innovative exploration, practical cases and benchmarking projects in the smart city field, sharing observations, trends and insights on the industry. With the highest attendance and one of the most influential and largest comprehensive Expos in China, CSCE was previously held in Beijing and Shenyang. Against the backdrop of China's 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up, this year’s CSCE, under the theme of “New Era, New Journey – Digital China, Smart Society”, will focus on the typical cases, cutting-edge technologies and latest application results of new smart cities in the world.

“Ping An Museum” to comprehensively demonstrate the groundbreaking results of Smart City

With four major keywords — technology, ecosystem, humanities and win-win — at the center of the museum, Ping An has set up the “Ping An Museum” with a total area of 2,000 square meters, including a central display area, as well as exhibition areas for 10 business segments, including smart government, transportation, environment, financial administration, medical, poverty alleviation, urban construction, security and living. Through different types of technology such as VR/AR simulation, and reality experiences, coupled with onsite explanations, Ping An interactively and comprehensively presents the core philosophy, “intelligent, organized and efficient”, of the construction of Ping An Smart City, as well as the most cutting-edge smart city service application scenarios and implementation results.         
For example, the museum has set up a virtual reality traffic scenario to demonstrate how Ping An Smart Transportation utilizes urban intelligent traffic management platforms based on technologies such as intelligent sensing, big data modeling, AI prediction, and cloud computing to realize coordinated control of passengers, vehicles, roads and the environment. Ping An Smart Transportation has reached several cooperation deals with Shenzhen Traffic Police, including an online parking reservation platform for scenic spots in the east side of the city, a processing platform for traffic accidents, and a hotline number, 83333333, to provide a better experience for citizens in terms of traffic police enforcement, accident response, citizen services, etc. Ping An Smart Government integrates urban planning, collaborative office, analysis and decision-making, and business platform, and builds an “All-Vision, OA system, and Government Affairs system”. It also actively constructs a smart government affairs system of “two-elevation, two reductions and one-transparent”, which improves efficiency and services, reduces costs and risks, and promotes transparency and openness, to comprehensively help the government.
The White Paper for Ping An Smart City Development Sets New Benchmark for China’s Smart Cities

Ping An released a white paper on Ping An Smart City Development – Be Professional for a Better City at the 2018 China Smart City (International) Innovation Summit, the main forum of this year’s CSCE. The white paper examined the evolution and development goal of smart cities in China. It also systematically interpreted the development goal of Ping An’s smart city construction, which focused on intelligent, organized and efficient using top-level design methodology, smart city solutions, a standards and evaluation system, etc. The white paper aims to provide a comprehensive, systematic, top-level and highly-recognized methodology and solution, to set a new benchmark for smart cities in China which can meet the needs of the country, society and citizens. It also aims to help the government and industry partners to promote the construction of a new era smart city ecosystem in order to assist the realization of Digital China, Smart City.
In addition, the “Academician Forum of Ping An”, which gathers leaders of government and enterprises, experts and scholars, and industry leaders, is an important part of “The 269th China Engineering Technology Forum and the 12th China Engineering Management (Smart City) Forum” hosted by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, which is held alongside CSCE. It is jointly organized by Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China and the Engineering Management Department of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The forum puts forward the theme of “New Smart City Top Design - Smart City's Past, Present and Future”, through keynote speeches, roundtables and more to explore ideas of smart city development, construction standards, tools and methods, etc., to stimulate new ways of thinking and new directions for the future development of smart cities. At this forum, Ping An Smart City will also sign strategic cooperation agreements with China Center for Information Industry Development, Beijing Academy of Science and Technology, Hezhou Municipal People's Government and Futian District People's Government to jointly participate in and promote the new era of smart cities’ ecological construction and contribute to the comprehensive construction of a better society.
Ping An stated that under the Group's strategic planning of continuously deepening “finance + technology” and exploring “financial + ecological”, the Group, which is 30 years old, will continue to adhere to the development philosophy of intelligent, organized and efficient and remain committed to the forward-looking aims of top-tier design, open and inclusive to extensibility and service-oriented sustainability, with the mission of “serving the country, serving the entity, serving the public”. The Group will also take advantage of its fintech and comprehensively promote the implementation of the “1+N” solution for smart cities to help people enjoy better lives. In the next 30 years, Ping An will also cooperate with various enterprises in the smart city industry, to actively invest in the construction of new smart cities and contribute to the development of people's urban livelihood in China.


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