03 Mar 2022
COVID-19 | Hong-Kong |
Ping An donates RMB10 million in anti-pandemic supplies to support Hong Kong
07 Dec 2021
ai-in-healthcare-management |
Ping An’s AI-driven AskBob Doctor Earns Top Scores in Diabetes Management Competition
29 Jul 2021
healthcare-ecosystem | healthy-china | smart-health-platform |
Ping An-Shionogi Joint Venture Launched in Shanghai, Expanding Footprint in Healthcare Industry
28 Jun 2021
ai-smart-health |
Ping An Wins Bid to Build China’s Provincial Public Health Emergency Management Platform
25 Jun 2021
healthtech |
China’s Public Health System Primed for Digital Innovation Online/Offline Service Delivery ‘Huge Growth Opportunity’, says Ping An Co-CEO
21 Jun 2021
Ping An Makes Breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence-Driven Drug Research
17 May 2021
elderly-care |
Ping An Builds Elderly Care Business With Launch of Ping An Zhen Yi Nian Brand
30 Apr 2021
ping-an-good-doctor | smart-health | AskBob |
China’s healthcare market is expected to grow from RMB6 trillion in 2019 to RMB16 trillion in 2030 Ping An Leading Digital Revolution in Healthcare. Pandemic accelerating shift to online/offline service delivery
19 Apr 2021
smarthealth | AI | AskBob |
Ping An’s AskBob Doctor Top-ranked in Global Artificial Intelligence Competition, Supporting Research, Diagnoses and Treatment Decisions
01 Apr 2021
AI | smart-health- | AskBob |
Ping An AskBob Doctor’s Smart Imaging Model for Diagnosis of Pelvic and Hip Injuries is a Breakthrough for Artificial Intelligence

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