Incorporating sustainability as a part of our strategy, we continuously instruct all functional departments and members of the Group to enhance corporate governance based on business practices in a more methodical, professional, and systematic manner.

Ping An has an advanced corporate governance structure and a leading risk management system. We have fully recognized the risks and opportunities of ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues on the company’s growth. Therefore, we continue to integrate ESG principles into our business and daily operations in a professional and systematic manner.

Ping An’s ESG Governance

The Board of Directors (L1) has oversight of all ESG issues. The IR (Investor Relations) and ESG Committee (L2), along with other committees, are responsible for identifying ESG risks, formulating plans and policies, setting objectives, and appraising performance. The Group ESG Office and other functional departments of the Group (L3) act as the taskforce responsible for coordination of ESG issues in and outside the Group.

The matrix consisting of the Group’s functional units and members (L4) is responsible for ESG execution. Our overall work plan is governed by clear management objectives, clear responsibilities and a clear appraisal mechanism, and continuous improvements in the management of ESG issues and risks. Regular reporting to directors and senior executives on ESG risk management, objectives, plans, implementation and progress ensures effective ESG management.

Board of Directors
Level 1
Group Executive Commitee
Risk Management Executive Committee
Investor Relations & ESG Committee
Investment Management Committee
Technology Development Committee
Level 2
Group Esg Office
ESG Taskforce (CSR/ IR/ PR/ Group Functional Representatives
Level 3

Group Functional Units

Ping An Group Executive Matrix

Branding & PR
Board Office
Asset Management
Internal Control
Level 4

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