Development & Communication

Stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, employees, community and environment, and business partners are of paramount importance to Ping An. In order to thoroughly understand stakeholders' expectations for Ping An, specify information needs, and evaluate the effects of company activities on each group, Ping An has established many channels for timely communications.

Communication channels
Ping An Group
  • Corporate notices, interim and annual reports
  • General Meeting of shareholders
  • Investors Forum
  • Regular visits and communications
Ping An Group
  • Customer services (phone, online and face-to-face channels)
  • Interaction on WeChat platform
  • NPS Survey
Ping An Group
  • Meeting with employee representatives
  • Redress channels for employees
  • Employee hotlines
  • Internal office management system
Ping An Group
Business Partners
  • Procurement activities
  • Supply chain management system
  • Supplies’ meetings
Ping An Group
Community and Environment
  • Community and charitable events
  • Volunteering activities
  • Interactions on social media

Ping An follows the Hong Kong Exchange’s “Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guide” on stakeholder involvement by actively collecting suggestions and feedback from internal and external stakeholders through regular meetings, ESG seminars, and other ESG workshops. Ping An benchmarks our ESG standards against leading industry peers in both domestic and international markets, and continues to improve the quality and transparency of our ESG disclosures.

ESG Ratings and Participation

As a globally recognized financial group, Ping An aims to expand the financial services industry’s influence on sustainability by actively participating in international and domestic organizations and networks. In 2019, Ping An became the first asset owner in China to become a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). We are also a member of the pilot group of financial institutions in China and the UK in the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD). The TCFD was set up by the G20 Financial Stability Board to develop climate-related financial risk disclosures for companies to voluntarily provide information to investors, lenders, insurers, and other stakeholders.

In China, Ping An is also an active member of the China Finance Association’s Green Finance Professional Committee. The Company is also actively involved in helping other Chinese companies to improve their ESG performance and disclosures.

Ping An’s achievements in sustainability have been globally recognized. Ping An is the only financial company from the Chinese mainland to be selected for the Dow Jones Sustainability indices (DJSI) to date. Ping An has an A+ rating in Hang Seng’s sustainability assessment and is included in Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index. Ping An has an A rating in the MSCI ESG assessment, a B+ rating in Refinitiv’s ESG assessment and a Brating from the international Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the highest rating granted to financial companies in mainland China.

Ping An Group Ping An Group

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